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Implant Learning Center

Need a reason to smile? Gaps from missing teeth may not give you a good reason to smile – but dental implants can! Providing a solution to missing teeth, implants could be the answer for you! You don’t have to live with missing teeth. With affordable payment options, a restored smile could become a reality. Find out more about dental implants and take the first step towards a complete and beautiful smile today!

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Our office brings to the practice of dentistry an atmosphere of loving care, instilling in each patient a feeling of completeness and wholeness. We seek to harmonize the dissident elements of the body into a unity of purpose, bringing the patient to a level of comfort from which healing can begin.

Healing is part of the body's natural adaptive response, but for healing to achieve proper repair it must occur in a friendly environment of balance. Love, laughter, beauty are the healing forces found in all the treatment approaches used at the Wellness and Healing Center.

Wellness is a positive state of wellbeing accompanied by feelings of vitality, joyfulness and energy. We see the whole person, in their loving essence, not just as a patient but rather as a complete unit of body and spirit. We strive for conscious awareness and seek total health, total harmony.

Every diagnostic or treatment decision we make is on the basis of understanding the reasons for the problem and the reasons for the treatment. We recognize the patient is the one who is seeking to be whole, we present the opportunity.

The Soler Dental Wellness and Healing Center provides complete dentistry, which includes; TMJ, braces, invisalign, night guards, teeth whitening, fillings, veneers, cosmetic dentistry, gum disease, preventive dentistry, orthodontics, esthetic dentistry, root canals, oral reconstruction, oral surgery, gum surgery, dentures, removal of mercury fillings, valplast dentures.