Although no one likes to hear that they need an extraction, from time to time this becomes necessary and can actually be a good thing for the rest of your smile. When a tooth becomes seriously infected or is decaying past the point of saving it, it may be best to extract the tooth. Dr. Soler may suggest you extract the infected tooth so it does not cause infection in the surrounding teeth. By extracting one tooth, you could potentially save your other teeth from becoming infected as well. Extractions don’t have to leave you with a gap in your teeth – there are many options to help you restore your smile! A dental implant, bridge or crown can all replace a missing tooth. Taking care of a small problem now can help you save money down the road and potentially save other teeth from needing to be extracted as well!

Don’t let finances get in the way of your dental needs. With payment plans available, you don’t have to be left with damaged teeth and our team can help you find an affordable option to repair your smile!

If you are in need of an extraction in Los Angeles, CA, call us today to set up an appointment! Dr. Soler can evaluate your teeth and help you come up with the best treatment plan for your smile!