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“At Dr. Soler's Dental Wellness and Healing Center I feel that I am in the hands of a beautiful, loving, and very professional dentist. She, and her team have created a warm, loving, exquisite, and cozy sanctuary where I feel nurtured, supported, and where they take care of my needs. It is wonderful that, as a family, we all can go to the same place, and I am glad that my daughters are in the best hands at such a young age. Because Myriam has been able to heal and beautify my teeth, I can just imagine what the Soler Wellness and Healing center can do for my girls.”
– Monica Chiapa M.A. Spiritual Psychology
“More than a competent dentist, Dr. Soler is a consummate artist. Her attention to detail and precision is only matched by her caring attitude. I actually look forward to going to my dental appointments with her.”
– Dr. Ron Hulnick President-University of Santa Monica
“I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Soler both as a dentist and as a friend for the past twenty five years. What distinguishes her dental practice is the clear intention she sets in motion of how best to serve the patient as an individual by paying the greatest attention to detail. She has created a very safe and calming atmosphere in which to practice her craft. It is a unique, wonderful experience on all levels for the patient to be”
– Claudia Benvenuto, Interior Designer Owner of "The Fainting Couch
“What can you say about your dentist, right? Especially if she happens to be your older sister… I’ll just say a couple of things. First, I truly admire her dedication, her determination to make each smile as beautiful as it can be, and the loving relationship she creates with her patients. Patients become friends. They can talk about anything, and their words are remembered from appointment to appointment. This attitude, which extends to her staff, makes her office a very special place, one where you are pampered on all levels. Second, I can honestly say that when I saw my smile, after the treatment was over I was so moved my eyes filled with tears. I saw myself, at the age of 57, completely changed, younger, happier-looking. I was delighted. Finally, after many years of being terrified of any kind of dental treatment, I’ll admit the entire process was easy and painless. My sister’s loving care was the factor that made this healing possible. Thank you, Myriam.”
– Selene Schoettler Jewelry Designer for Planet Awake
“Dr. Soler truly cares about her patients' needs. When I sit on her chair, I feel at ease, secure, and surrounded by highly professional people who are also very friendly. I never thought that I would actually look forward to a dental appointment, but the atmosphere at the Dental Wellness & Healing Center makes me walk away with better teeth, and brighter attitude towards life.”
– Rodrigo Prieto, ASC Cinematographer
"It's such a pleasure to be your patient!"
– Virginia Farrington M.A. Spiritual Psychology and Consciousness,Health and Healing
“In 2002, about one month before my wedding, I decided to completely renew my smile. Despite the short notice I gave Dr. Soler she was able to finish the dental work one week before my big day. Thanks to her I looked great in my wedding pictures and felt very confident with my new smile. My experience at Soler Dental Wellness and Healing Center, wait, make that Soler Spa, has been a great one. I can never forget how wonderfully pampered the staff made me feel during the long hours I spent with them. They even turned the radio to my favorite station to make sure I was relaxed and entertained. Thank you for making my smile beautiful and healthy and for being so genuinely friendly and caring.”
– Karol Darsa Nechushtan Psychologist
“All relationships in life are hard to make and harder to keep. And how many people can say that they have had a wonderful social and professional relationship with their dentist for almost twenty years? I can. Dr. Soler has been my friend and dentist since 1985. She has created a safe, caring, extremely gifted, knowledgeable and professional environment and believe it or not, I look forward to my appointments. From the moment you walk into the clinic, a sense of warmth and peace immediately calms any anxiety one could possibly have. The care is so complete and thorough that after dental procedures, Dr. Soler or one of her associates will always call to see how I am feeling. I know my smile can attest to the brilliant work performed in Dr. Soler’s clinic, and as a working television and movie actor, my smile and teeth are extremely important to me. I am just so honored to be able to call Dr. Soler not only my dentist but my dear friend.”
– Anne-Marie Johnson Actor Film/TV